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ABC MMA Girard
8904 Ridge Road
Girard Pa 16417
Classes: Tuesday & Thursday 6:00-7:00PM

ABC MMA Edinboro
12470 Silverthorn Rd
Edinboro PA 16412
Open Class: Monday & Wednesday 6:00-7:00PM
Saturday: 12:30-1:30PM
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Aikido, self defense training, mma!
ABCMMA incorporates the  Okinawa, Japan based system of using balance, circles, axis line and centers. The basic movements of Aikido are circular in nature and most attacks are linear. Aikido also focuses on using the opponents weight and momentum to their demise. ABCMMA  mixed martial arts training results in fine toning of ones physical condition, mental awareness, endurance, strength, weight loss and  flexibility.
Translated in English as “The Way of Harmony of the Spirit”; (“AI” – Harmony, “KI” – Spirit, “DO” – Way). 

Aikido was formalized by Morihei Veshiba after he studied under masters of jiujutsu (throws and joint locks) and kenjutsu (sword and weapon fighting).  Master Veshika also know as “O Sensei” or “Great Teacher” focused on circular evasive motion rather than punching and kicking.  Though hand strikes and low kicks may be used, the practitioner concentrates on using the attacker's momentum against himself.  Deceptive motion and redirected energy allow this transition to be completed.  Hidden leg sweeps and techniques known as reeping take the attackers base off balance.  When you combine these movements with the circular movements of the upper body they become devastating throws and take-down techniques.  This combination is what Aikido strives to develop. The absorption of an aggressive attack, redirection of that energy, then the expulsion of the attacker without detection. 

Morihei Veshiba lived from 1883 until 1969.  He started to teach formal Aikido at his first school in Tokyo, Japan in 1931.  He shared his enlightenment story with his students.  The story goes that Veshiba got into a discussion with a sword instructor that turned into an argument.  The instructor ended up attacking him repeatedly.  The Sensei's defense was evasion to his attackers exhaustion, hence the “the path” or way.  Veshiba's son Kisshomaru took over the Kisshomaru system at the Aikido World Headquarters.

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