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ABCMMA incorporates Korean based Tae Kwon Do, literally the way of the foot and the hand; the national sport of the country which is now accepted as an Olympic event. Formalized by General Choi for the Korean military as their primary physical conditioning, combat fighting and training regiment. ABCMMA, mixed martial arts training results in fine toning of ones physical condition, mental awareness, endurance, strength, weight loss and  flexibility.
tae kwon do, aikido, self-defense!
self-defense, Karate,Tae Kwon Do!
mma, mixed martial arts,kung-fu!

The inhabitants of the island later named Korea developed self defense/martial art techniques to coincide with their proficient use of tools and weapons.  The first historical evidence of this was recorded over two thousand year ago.  Paintings from the Koguryu Dynasty (37B.C.-66A.D.) were found in stone tombs showing martial arts forms and techniques.  The predecessors of Tae Kwon Do were titled:  Kwonbak, Bakhi, Dangsoo, Taesoo and Kongsoo.  After these the main style was Soobak which then became Taekwon during the late 1300's.  Taekyon dominated the island until the Japanese invasion and occupation of Korea in 1909.  The Japanese scattered and dominated the culture of Korea and promoted their own.

After World War II ended the liberation of Korea lead to the formalization of Korean martial arts kwon as Tae Kwon Do literally “foot, hand, way” or path.  Modern Tae Kwon Do incorporates; extreme physical conditioning, flexibility, powerful kicking, and punching techniques. 

After the Korean War ended and the country was separated into North and South.  General Hong Hi Choi formalized and documented Tae Kwon Do as a national sport.  He also required all military personal to study and train in Tae Kwon Do.  This took place in 1955.

At this point in time Tae Kwon Do has spread world-wide is currently the most practiced martial arts form in world.  Tae Kwon Do is also an Olympic sport that is awarded full medal honors.

Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Karate!   Tae Kwon Do, jui jitsu, karate, self defense!
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